38 Casull or what?


I found, what appears to me, to be a “home made” cartridge. It is very similar to a 357 SIG, but appears to be made with a 45 ACP case and a .353 lead bullet.

I no longer believe it is a 360 Mars, but I can’t find the dimensions for the 357 SIG or the Mars.




38-45 or 45-38 Clerke ? (Wild cat round from about 1963)
If so, it should be about .640 to the shoulder, with a neck length of .175


The 357 Sig is only .420" in body diameter. The 350 JAWS and 38 CASULL both have the same body diameter as the 45 ACP but the cases are longer, .990" and .935" respectively. Only the 38/45 was made from the 45 ACP brass.



Maybe more information will help.

A 38/45 looks good. I hadn’t heard of that one.