38 COLT Spl Proof


Howdy, anyone know if this is a Proof round? headstamp is REM-UMC 38 COLT SPL the case and base are Black ,the case also has a knurled cannelure ,flat nose lead bullet. thanks Randy



The blackened case was Colt’s way to identify proof rounds prior to WW II when it was changed to a nickeled case with red bullet and case base. Most all of them will have a REM-UMC headstamp and a “U” nickeled primer.

You also asked about a “tinned” 38 Colt NP but I can’t say if it’s a proof round or simply a nickeled case for police use in a leather cartridge belt. The 38 Colt NP proof round of pre WW II would have the same features of the 38 Colt Special described above.



Remington changed from blackened cases for Proof to tinned around the mid-1930’s. The tinned proof have a grayish look to them compared to the bright nickled cases for use in leather belts.