38 Long inside primed

Despite the fact the hstp is 38 S&W it is 38 Long, as shown on the boxlabel
Nice ctge because they are isnide primed
Manufactured by leon Beaux

It is scarce, i think.
What do you think ?




I think it really is a 38 S&W LONG , not a 38 Long Colt.

It is simply a longer version of the common 38 S&W cartridge. As far as I know no american factory has ever made these cartridges

Fiocchi also made these cartridges, with lead or FMJ bullets. The lead bullet load had a slightly shorter case.
In their 1926 catalog they listed both FMJ and lead bullet loads AND the 38 Colt long as different cartridges. My Fiocchi sample differs from my 38 Colt samples

Your box and sample are interesting, I didn’t know that also Leon Beaux made these rounds, and with inside primers too!

JP & Pivi,

I have one of these cartridges and its dimensions match a .38 S&W Special. Exactly the same headstamp also exist in .38 S&W but not in .38 S&W Long.


Here the dimensional data of my sample ( in brackets dimensional data of a 38 Long Colt made by Frankford Arsenal in 1909):

lead bullet, brass case. Outside primer
headstamp " F.G.L. C° 38 S. W."
bullet diam: 9.38 mm ( 8.74 mm)
mouth diam: 9.58 mm ( 9.58 mm)
base diam: 9.69 mm ( 9.58 mm)
rim diam: 10.99 mm ( 11.09 mm)
rim thickness:1.53 mm ( 1.50 mm)
case lenght: 25.17 mm ( 26.05 mm)
OAL: 36.27 mm ( 33.38 mm)

These two cartridges are quite similar, but not identical. Brandt wrote that this cartridge was a compromise between the 38 Long Colt and the 38 Special. No specific guns chambered for the 38 SW long are known and this could confirm this theory.

@Fede, yes: I have a 38 SW short cartridge with this headstamp and inside primer



There are several european .38’s that are not .38 S&W, .38 S&W Special, .38 Colt Army, .38 Colt Navy or .380 Long.

  • .38 Smith & Wesson Lungo (9,2 x 25 R), FMJ bullet, made by Fiocchi;
  • .38 Smith und Wesson lang (8,8 x 25 R), lead bullet, made by Lignose;
  • .38 Smith & Wesson Lungo (9,3 x 26 R), lead bullet, made by Fiocchi;
  • .38 Smith & Wesson lang (9 x 26 R), lead bullet, made by Braun & Bloem;
  • .38 Especial (9 x 27 R), lead bullet, made by FM “SL” (short cased .38 S&W Special);
  • .38 Smith & Wesson Long (9,1 x 28 R), lead bullet, made by RWS/Utendoerffer and M.W.S. (there are also “normal” .38 S&W Special cartridges with this case lenght).

To complicate things further there is also a .38 Colt Army made by Fiocchi.

Here are the dimensions of the ctges
case length : 28.80 mm
rim diameter : 10.85
base diameter : 9.58
neck diameter : 9.50
bullet diameter : 9.3
total length : 39.45

Therefore they are 38 long S&W (or 38 S&W Long) as described in EB book.
(in EB book they give max cl = 28.3. because they didn’t know the manufactured by Leon Beaux

I had two in my collections already but none inside primed .