38 marker

Obtained 2, 38 cal markers one without a head stamp and the other with 38 FX IVI so I assume it is Canadian, the problem is the length of the cases they are 22.85 mm and 23.23 mm which makes them too short for a 38 long and to long for the 38 S&W and too short for the 38 Spl so how do I group them? The paint is in the normal SNC petal shape plastic projectile. Thank you Vic

They’re intended to be used in .38 Special or .357 Magnum firearms.
I’ve indexed mine as .38 Special, both the brass case and plastic case variants.


There are little adapter rings of sorts which come with these in the box. The small instruction sheet that comes with the 100rd .38 / .357 simunition box describes these as “safety rings” but is not entirely clear if they are strictly for taking up the space between the end of the projectile tip and cylinder to help with guidance down the bore, or if they are for safety in terms of preventing the accidental chambering of a live rd. They seem to offer help in both regards, but they only extend just slightly, and not the full length to the end of even a .38spl cylinder.