38 Military Revolver question


Howdy , this round has a , W.C.Co. 4-11 , headstamp and looks pretty much standard except that it has a, all purple seal on the copper primer , can anyone tell me if this is a standard round ,or something else thanks Randy



What you have is a caliber .38 Revolver made by Western Cartridge Company in 1911.

This was part of a series of contracts let by Ordnance Department between 1909 and 1913. Additionally, Peters, Union Metallic Cartridge Co., Western Cartridge Co, United States Cartridge Co., and National Cartridge all had contracts about the same period of time.

Yours should be a standard round since there were not very many variations of this cartridge and certainly not tracers, armor piercing, or anything of that nature that I know of. About the only choices for this round were ball loading, manstopper loading, and blanks.

The purple seal is primer sealant.