.38 police load?

Found a few medium blue all plastic battery cup primed .38 Spl cases. Looks like they were roll crimped. Some sort of police load?

EU–Any headstamp? A scan of both the profile and head would help a lot.

Ron. I forgot, no headstamp. It’s just plain case. Will post dimensions later if needed.

EU-Is it ALL plastic including the head? Is the length the standard .38 Spl. length or shorter?

Yes, all plastic, slightly longer than the .38 Spl case.
It has very faint molded markings along the case after all:
.38 Spec. on one side and DAG on the other.
Now we know who made it.

Standard Geco (Dynamit A.-G.) blue “Plastik Training Patrone,” or “PT Patrone.” Made also in 7.65m/m Browning and 9m/m Para as standard, as well as some long-gun claibers. The ones with the DAG and caliber molded into the plastic side of the “case” are fairly recent (last ten or so years). The bullet was molded with the case, so you are not seeing a crimp. It is simply the shoulder where the solid bullet broke free from the hollow case - just as they are meant to operate.

The auto pistol rounds usually have a brass or aluminum base, and a normal pistol-type primer rather than the battery cup type.