.38 question

I have a box with .38 plastic cartridges
Can someone tell me were the were used for?

They were used for cheap, fairly quiet, indoor practice. They are fired using only an easily replaceable primer, no powder.

Thanks Jon

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CHAMICAL of Argentina also made this kind of ammo in 9 mm Para and .45 ACP. Several colours are known.


I have encountered the following colors:

.45 ACP - Bullets: Black, Blue, White
Cases: Orange, Yellow, Tan

9mm Para - Bullets: Black, White
Cases: Yellow, Tan

.38 Revolver: Bullets: White (Round nose), Black (straight-sided cylinder with flat end, smaller diameter for the part that enters the case).

The .45 and 9mm Bullets have relatively normal RN ogives.

The .38 is intended by the maker, Chamical of Argentina, to be used in .38 Short, .38 Long, .38 Special and .357 Magnun, according to their ads in an Argentine gun magazine. The “.38 Short” is probably, in the case of these plastic rounds, both .38 Short Colt and .38 S&W.

The bullet colors listed were originally found with those case colors listed in the same order. For example, the White .45 bullets were originally found in the tan cases, etc. Of course, since they are reuseable, propelled only by the primer, any combination is possible. I have seen collections with rounds in it that duplicate colors for both bullet and cases, but assembled in different combinations. I don’t see where that is relevent to anything myself, but of course, we all collect as we please.

I don’t know specifically of any other colors made in serial production, although they certainly could exist. I do know that a South American collection contains a similar round, 9mm Para, attributed to Chamical, with a translucent case and bullet, that is likely a pre-proudction sample.

Chamical’s literature indicates that they are intended for a maximum distance of 10 meters, although they only guarantee their use to from 6 to 8 meters. Efficiency is dependent upon the barrel length of the arm employed with them, according to them. They stress that no powder charge is ever to be used with them; only the primer.

The company was started by some active or retired military officers, but that is all I have been able to find out about it. Neither their boxes, instruction sheet, nor their advertisements show any address - just a phone number. Seems to be kind of a secretive company considering it is a civilian, commercial product, and not military. (I was originally told, years ago, that the military did not use these rounds at all, and that seems confirmed by Argentine military manuals on ammunition, the ones which I have seen containing nothing on these cartridges, and by the fact that they are advertised commercially). I do not know if they are still in operation. Everything I have in relation to them ends in the 1998-1999 period, but that is not solid information on their years of production. I had my first ones quite some time before that.

The calibers and colors listed above are all that I have seen in person, or in any literature connected with this company, but that, too, is not confirmation that others don’t exist…

Perhaps one of our Argentine members knows more about the particulars of this company. At the time I researched it, they didn’t have any information other than what is here, but that has been some time ago.

Ok thanks guy’s for your great help!!!