38 Reloading Tool Set. Unknown Maker


The top of the box has an instruction sheet attached.

The contents of the box.

Open mould-combination tool showing the recaping press.

The tools laid out for inspection along with a contemporary .38 caliber S&W “Baby Russian” revolver.

Does anyone know who made this reloading set? or the age?


R. H Chamberlain shows a similar loading tool with box in his book. He lists it as Smith & Wesson. He doesn’t give a date.



The further back in time you go the more common it was to supply reloading equipment with guns.
There is at least one forum dedicated to reloading equipment and its probably there that you will get your answers.


This outfit, assuming that it is by S & W (and I do) was likely made in the period 1880 to 1895 or so. Once smokeless propellants became available in the nineties the American arms manufacturers distanced themselves–to put it mildly–from the handloading of ammunition. Jack