.38 revolver, .38 special and .357 magnums - SLICS finds

Looking for info on #1, #9, #10 and #12. #12 is labeled tear gas. (all bin finds except the last two)
#10 is CBA cartridge delay mark6 mod1 but can’t find any info on it.



#1 is one of the early original Glaser safety slug loads with the pencil-eraser looking pug in it.

#9 looks like a round-nose frangible, but a Starline headstamp could mean it’s from any number of manufacturers

#10 is one of those C.A.D. loads for things like ejection seats or munitions release, etc… Pepper probably knows.

Is it seated that deeply on purpose? it has a roll crimp on it that says maybe.

Found this thread for the delay cartridge