38 s&w l


I just got the 38 with the headstamp PETERS 32 S&W L. I would assume this means the 32 S&W Long, yet it has the case length of the 32 Short(15.48mm)?? Am I missing something or is this a mis stamped head? Thanks Vic


Vic–Are you sure you do not mean [color=#FF0000].32[/color] S&W Long? The .38 S&W Long was only loaded by a couple of European companies, as far as I know.

In any case, it is definitely an incorrect bunter.


As Ron pointed out, the 38 S&W Long did exist but was loaded only by Fiocchi ( two loading offered with two slighlty different case lenghts) and one or two German companies


Pivi: You got it right it is a 32 S&W L not a 38 sorry for the confusion. The rest of the story is correct. Vic


Here’s one of those German 38 S&W Long boxes with the cartridge. The case length is 1.044".