38 S&W Spl. steel case

Have this turned blued steel case 1,117" / 28,39mm oal with a copper primer in a copper washed steel battery cup. Rather thick walled .031" /.83mm.
does anyone know anything about this.
Can’t find anything in HWS 2 or 3 or Otto’s books.

Tool cartridge? There’s about a million different ones.

Just off the phone with Chip & noting he could find on a quick look at Woodin Labs.

Thanks Jeff, I doubt a tool cartridge, but am willing to be proved wrong,

Hi Pete, I think it’s a Pointer .38/.357 adaptor for fast draw practice made by Southwest Cutlery & Manufacturing Co., Inc., Montebello, California. The original specs called for using Remington No. 57 primers (shotshell, battery cup type). I’m not 100% sure because I’ve only seen the .45 Colt variant that is somewhat different and uses .22 rim fire blanks (see picture below). It was marketed in 1959-60.




Here are some from Vic’s Nov. 2020 auction.
Vic, Nov. 2020
A different style than Pete’s, and I don’t know if plastic or steel.

Thank you gentlemen.