38 S&W tear gas load?

I need some help to identify this cartridge.It seems to be a 38 S&W case with a tear gas load ( I have accidentaly opened it and it hasn’t been a funny thing).
What kind of gun chambered it? I think that “Knall” means " blank" in german

My fondness for tear gas (the topic of the week!) provides no help.

I have that round, and many small cal CF rounds “suspected” of being tear gas (CN or CS powder)(pretty harmless stuff until you blow it in the air…or rub it up against some senstive tissue…like the crease by your nose if you have an rub an itch with it on your fingers !)

I say “suspected”…as many of the wax end wad rounds could be any number of things…and many times they are storied to be some type of powdered irritant.

I always “guessed” they were fired from a standard “six shooter”…and thus a muzzle blast effect (note, which can also effect the shooter!)

I am not a “gun guy”…so someone else chime in

The plastic container or bullet contains a white powder.No problem with my nose or mouth,but was a terrible thing for my eyes…