.38 s&w


I found this box of .380 S&W in my over-stock. Is there any collector value to it? Is it shootable?


Jon–Considering that the box dates from 1920-1925, it is in remarkably good condition. I would say it has quite a premium value just on condition alone.


Any ballpark idea? As shooting ammo it’s worth $15-20.


Jon–I have no idea of its actual value. I don’t collect boxes. Definitely, it is worth well over the value of shooting stock.


Guess I won’t shoot it up, thanks.

Step 2…Find rich buyer.


The condition of the box is amazing; add to that the odd dimensions and I’d be concerned that it might not be an original. Did you change the width of the image?


Hah, I doubt I changed anything, I’m barely capable of turning the camera on! If any width was changed it was purely by accident. Do you want to see any different views?


If it dates from 1925 its not likely to be all that good for shooting anymore. You are likely to get hang fires. Looks like its plan “B”, find a rich collector.


Anyone sold something similar and can give me a ballpark value?


Thanks PdC!