38 s&w


Can anyone Identify the source of these two 38 S&W?

I was thinking the P R headstamp was discussed in a previous thread but I couldn’t locate it.




Both of these cartridgtes are Mexican. “MMG” is a product of Manuel Marmolejo Garza,
distributed in Mexico by Armeria Monterrey, or Monterrey, Mexico. "PR is made by
Productos Regiomontanos, also of Monterrey. The MMG headstamp is scarcer than
the P
R, with only a few calibers encountered, the most often being the .38 Super
Cartridge. Productos Regiomontanos made a full line of pistol and revolver cartridges.
Sometimes there headstamp is stamped as “P - R” causing even more confusion with
Remington products.