.38 Special & .357 Magnum Cartridges and Cases...Collector Value?

I was at a flea market yesterday and bought a grab bag of stuff. These were all in a baggie together with some S&W revolver parts. Just wondering if any of these have any value over being shooters. Not my area of expertise. The rows are exactly the same, side view vs head stamp view.


Bullet view.

Anybody? If you don’t want to comment and just want to paste links for me to read on my own then I am okay with that.

I’m new to this hobby so I have no idea how to differentiate between a $1 cartridge and a $10,000 cartridge.

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Squeaker, welcome here!

It is difficult to state as to what I see the cartridges you have there are regular shooting ammo.
Value will be in the cent range.
Sure the experts in these calibers can tell more. But as no comment has emerged by now I guess my assumption above is valid.

But your selection sure can be the base for a collection of .38 and .357 as there is lots of cartridges available and still to be discovered.

I’d propose you to use the search function here on the forum (and of course in the web) to find many threads in this direction. This way you will have access to lots of info and also get a good lead on what is what and which cartridges are scarce and which are common.

Thank you much for the response. I figured as much on value, but just wanted to make sure.

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