.38 special blows open a pen gun!

Something odd and not seen very often a .38 special that caused a pen gun to blow up. A darn good reason to not mess with pen type weapons !

gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewIt … =113326463

These guns are generally intended for tear gas cartridges (and in some cases, flares) that do not generate the chamber pressures of ball ammunition. To shoot one with an ordinary ball cartridge is not recommended. The pictures shows the expected results.

I am not familiar with this particular pen gun but it almost looks home-made, or prison-shop made.

After/during 1968…when the Federal Firearms Act reviewed/amended/changed (I have forgotten all the Civics &

PS…I bid on the blown up pen for my collection

Stay Away !!!

just kiddin about stayin away…bid away if you like


Pepper very interesting that hagen,hurcules all had screw on tip versions…I never knew that.