..38 Special PGU-12/B

In another forum I frequent, one of the posters reported that he had a box of .38 Special PGU-12/B he knew nothing about. He posted a picture of a full box, with cartridge headstamps of WCC 81. The box label said “50 Cartridges/.38 Special, Ball/High Velocity, 130 Grain, PGU-12/B /WCC81H041-058.” It is a white box, no mention of Olin.

My understanding was that all of the USAF PGU-12/B ammunition (72 million rounds) was loaded only at Lake City AAP during 1979-80. Was any loaded under contract later by Olin? Is there more to the story?

Source Internet:
here the boxwith OLIN on the box


See IAA Journal Issue 501, Jan./Feb. 2015; The 38 Special in US Service, by Jim Frigiola.
Specifically page 51, quote-

“Interestingly, the PGU-12 was initially
loaded, circa 1977-80, in large numbers by Lake City Army
Ammunition Plant and is noted as the only pistol cartridge
ever produced at that plant. PGU-12 ammunition was subsequently
produced by Olin (WCC).


These are pictures of the PGU-12/B box shown on the other forum. Somewhat different from the one shown above. Any idea how many rounds were made by Olin? I do have the full cartridge specs from the Lake City Product Manual if anyone needs them.