38 Special practice? (38/.357 FX)

Here is a aluminum 38 special. It has a ridge 0.245 inches down inside the case. The inside case diameter is 0.343" , the inside diameter below the ridge is 0.254", The primer appears to be brass (hard to tell from the photo).

Rim: 0.431"
Base: 0.375"
Neck OD: 0.375"

Is it some type of practice cartridge and who made it?

38 alum pratice HS 38 spl practice inside case


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Yes, practice. Paintmarker. No head stamp. Speer.
Here 's a picture of the complete cartridge.

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Hi Paul,

Dirk is correct, it is a red marking cartridge, but the manufacturer is SNC Industrial Technologies Inc. of Canada. This cartridge is not designated .38 Special but “.38/.357 FX” and was made for revolvers and shotguns (with adapter).



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Yes, FX as you point it out correctly. Speer was far to easy… We trained with these guys for more than 20 years ago. Useful for short range in buildings but not very accurate. Sometimes very painful unless body armour…

Thanks for the replies. I thought it might have been some sort of paint or wax bullet now I know for sure.