38 special - Safe Gun Stun rd

Wondering if anybody has info on this 38 special with the red rubber slug? I assume it is a less-lethal load? It is on Starline brass. I don’t have a name, manufacturer or time line for this one.

Rubber bullets similar but not identical to those were sold as reusable basement / indoor practice bullets. They used primer power alone. allegedly giving 500fps.
In Britain they were sold by Mountain and Sowden in the early 1990s. The advert does not give a brand name. Possibly sold under the brand “InEx” which was used often by M&S.

The advert I have is not in color, I have a dim memory that they were light blue, but they did look a bit more commercially made. They were sold in a bag of 50.

The ones you have could be home made. The shape and angle of the point is very similar to the proportions of a drill bit. Could that be an indication of how they were moulded? Drill a series of holes in a piece of metal and then pour in some liquid moulding rubber of the sort used for making plaster ornaments.

Thanks Vince,

It does have some powder in it which I can hear when I shake the cartridge. Probably not much powder by the sounds of it. It must be either a less-lethal load or a gallery / practice load like you mention, I just wish I had a name or manufacturer to pin to it.

I would say by the shape of the bullet, and its material (semi-rigid rubber), and to a much less degree the fact it is loaded in a Starline case, that your cartridge was loaded by the Safe Gun Foundation, 5750 Plunkett St. Bays 5&6, Hollywood, Florida 33023. It is called the Stun Round, and according to their broadsheet, "…is designed to cause severe pain and bruising…"
The paper material I have from this company is copyrighted in the year 2000; however, my sample .40 S&W, which I got the day the dealer received it from the company, was received in 2002. Initial offerings showed six calibers, 9mm Para, .38 Spl, .357 Mag., .40 S&W, 10mm and .45 Auto, but the first real advertising eliminated the .357 Magnum from the group.

I have a .40 S&W in my collection, but it has a dark green rubber bullet, although of the same basic shape as your .38.

The rounds came in a package of 4 rounds. Price was 6.99 for the 9mm and .38, 7.99 for the .40 and 10mm, and 9.99 for the .45. Very Expensive.

I cannot guarantee this identification as your bullet is red. The literature doesn’t indicate colors for the bullets. By the way, they referred to the bullet as a “60 Durometer rubber bullet.” I am very ignorant of some of these scientific terms, but I assume “durometer” is a measure of the hardness or rigidity of the projectile.

At the time I got the literature, the president of this firm was Bob Braverman. The company didn’t seem to last long. I was given my .40 caliber round by a local gun shop that received it as a sample from Safe Gun Foundation. By the time I got around to trying to buy other calibers, I couldn’t find them. A check a few minutes ago of their listed website “www.safegun.org” revealed that the website is no longer in existence.

I would class these rounds as “less-than-lethal munitions.”

I hope this is of some assistance to you.

Wow, Thanks John! I can do some Googling of “Safe Gun” and see what I find.

If you need the old website as it was try the internet archive.

Thanks EOD! I did not even know about that site (Internet archive), and after trying it I found excellent results of archived safegun.org material, like this photo (which does show my red rubber projectile):

And how about all the text info on this page:



And John you are right about the green .40 projectile, as this matched the photo above, and the name of the owner Bob Braverman, since the email at the bottom of the page above shows a certain "rbraverman1@earthlink.net". The text on the above page also indicates a .380 and .223 version. I see that the 9mm offering is a white rubber projectile in the photo - Got that one Lew?

It’s also interesting to note that according to the links provided by the internet archive, that the Safe Gun co changed its own name on their homepage header from “Safe Gun Foundation” to “Safe Gun Corporation” and then finally to “American Custom Ammunition” all in the space between 2000 to 2001.

Here is the current company which is still going by the name “American Custom Reloading”, and they are still in Florida: http://americancustom.tripod.com You can see that on this page: http://americancustom.tripod.com/omega.htm the phone number of 954-963-8750 is the same one that they had when the Safegun.org website was still up as shown in the contact info from the old website. And on this part of the website they are offering “Zapper” rubber ammo, which must be the same as the Stun rds I assume:
http://americancustom.tripod.com/zapper.html And they have another line called “Hammerhead” whatever that is.

DK - there doesn’t seem to be much on those websites - is there any link that has pictures of their ammunition.? Zapper and hammerhead I am talking about.

Thanks for your research, by the way! Really completes the story.

Man, that is really impressive research! Taught me something. 30yrs ago you’d spend months trying to gather that much info.

Its simply amazing how people work together here to achieve so much in mutual interest.