.38 special Sellier&Bellot NONTOX


found this one also at the gunstore…


The Now-standard Non-Heavy Metal, non-toxic ( and non-corrosive) Primers used by most Western European countries, with “fully encapsulated” Bullets (no free lead showing to the powder chamber), for use by Indoor Target shooters and Police training.

The primers ( “4,4 Boxer”) are the standard 4,45mm ( .175") Small Pistol primers.
Many makers still supply standard Lead Styphnate primers, though , for Military Tactical use; but the Non-HM-Non-Tox set up is gaining acceptance even there. ( Priming compound slightly more expensive, and projectiles also more involved in manufacture, Pistol bullets being
technically simpler to make than Rifle Bullets. The “non lead” cores, of course, has been in use since the German SmE and SmE(lang) of WW II, and taken up by most Eastern Block countries since WW II,
and Sintered Iron and Copper projectiles have been used in Pistol Bullets since During WW II as well.

Lead is the most cost-efficient heavy metal for Bullet cores (unless one uses the more expensive and more toxic "DU " ( Depleted Uranium, which has a much higher density than Lead, and actually contains radioactive isotopes of Lead with in it.). Lead Pollution from FMJs with an open base is almost Nil during Firing…the major Lead Pollution comes from Primer Discharge, and of course, firing plain Lead bullets in Revolvers. ( and Autos, where cast bullets may not “load” anyway)

Only the intense and consistent use of Lead-based primers and Lead bullets IN CONFINED SPACES, without proper ventilation ( ie, old, indoor ranges) will affect a person’s health from raised Lead levels in the Bloodstream.
Only the Litigation-happy modern life and the Green- Environmentalist push against all firearms use has triggered this Lemming-like rush to removing Lead from Primers ( and bullets).

Regards, ( sorry for the “politically controversial” last lines)

Doc AV
AV Ballistics

Master of Political Incorrectness, First Class.


Aw c’mon Doc, the hippies and greenies would never overreact, misinform, disinform or otherwise deal in snake oil (insert sarcasm warning right…about…HERE). The Peregrine Fund’s hunter-targeted leadless bullet video is a great example.

I fired some S&B 158gr .38sp FMJ recently at an indoor range…they were not happy that the steel jackets were causing visible sparks downrange. gyro, does your pictured cartridge have a magnet-attracted projo?



Yes cartridge’s have a magnet-attracted projo…