38 Special Short

Sorry, I never heard of this calibre. May someone enlighten me? The rounds are about half of normal 38 Special length.

I wonder if the cases were shortened for use in a revolver chambered for the 38 Short Colt? The 38 Special sizing die would be correct for the Colt, but bullet seating would be fussy with proper outside lubed bullets. Standard .358" bullets would not be a good fit in the Colt barrel. Interesting!

Somebody made those to shoot the plastic bullets. No powder, just the primer. They’d probably fit most any revolver chambered for the 357/38 SP/38 S&W/38 Colt, etc. (From the note on the box, I’d say he was using them in a 38 S&W, otherwise he would have simply left them full length). An awful lot of work for such limited use, IMHO.

I suspect these are primer powered plastic projectile practice ammunition. Originally they were supplied with plastic cases.( note no propellant on lable)

If you own a pristine / mint condition Victory model and want to shoot it with minimum damage? this is what I would do.

There is a .38 Short Colt cartridge case, essentially a short .38 S&W Special case from the black powder era, which is even shorter than the .38 Long Colt, a former U.S. military cartridge. Without looking closely, it could easily be mistaken for a .38 S&W. The ones pictured, as observed previously, are trimmed-back .38 Special cases, possibly for use in a .38 S&W revolver. The .38 Short Colt, due to its reduced case volume, is an ideal case for loading very light loads for use in a .38 Special revolver. It is uncommon but is still available.

It looks like a metal case practice load.
I have some all plastic practice reloadable cartridges:

From left to right: .38, 9mm practice cartridge that use a 209 primer. Then to dummyes.