.38 SPECIAL tear gas

I saw this cartridge with his pen in France. The owner does not want to sell the pen, but maybe I can buy a cartridge. The case lenght is 35 mm.

Is it rare?



Looks to be in good condition with out the typical seepage style warts. I would guess most likely made by Federal Labs, of Pittsburgh PA who used what ever cases they could. That said not it’s too uncommon here in the US.

edited to correct the company name, which still may not be 100% correct

Hi, JP, here the same from German Company Geco…ones on Trial for Police in Bavaria,
It has 300mg Teargas-Payload…

It is from 1963, ist value here is around 5€ per Piece…None are around, as only a few where made…

I have owned a Hercules model tear gas pen with a live tear gas cartridge since I found it 50 years ago. All of these years I’ve been tempted to fire it but haven’t. Looks worn on the outside. Must’ve been carried a lot. Tried to post photos of it but can’t seem to find out how to do so. I discovered this site when I googled looking for tear gas ammunition. Thanks for reading!

glad to try and respond…I have quite a collection

Looking to buy a
38 cal. Teargas cartridge for my vintage teargas pen. I carried that pen as a young rookie police offer in 1957. Had to actually use it once to get me out of a bad situation. (Continued in law enforcement for forty years).



sent u email