38 Special Western Super X Metal Piercing


.38 special metal piercing, Western Super, 150 gr, conical bullet with Lubaloy (lubricating alloy), nickel plated case
head stamps WW SUPER/38 SPECIAL, Olin manufacture, double crimp
SUPER X/ 38 SPECIAL, Western Cartridge Co., single crimp


What’s the core material? Lead or Steel?

I have an almost complete box of this in .357 mag.


Was hoping for a little help here. I know very little about these rounds, not sure whats in core but it was soft like lead. Taking a guess, its the velocity that gives the penetration, not the metals?..


It’s a lead core in the Winchester / Westren metal-piercing projectiles for .38, .357, & .45acp. The thick copper pointed tip and high-velocity gives it the penetrating power. Remington used a zinc core with a more typical thin jacket on their metal penetrating Hi-way master line of piercing ammo in .38spl & .45acp:



That the jacket thickness and velocity do the deed is quite interesting.

The WW bullet out of a 6 inch barrel .357 will penetrate 8 inches of oak at 15 yards.