.38 Spl. Experimental Oramil and CARSIL, Spain


Here are some pics of .38 spl. by Spanish Factory Oramil, and a shooting gallery by CARSIL (CARlos and SILvia). A couple of police of Catalonia (Mossos d’Esquadra). These cartridges were not too successful.


Davrib, thank you for sharing these images, just awesome!


Very nice pictures and a nice concept. were they training specific or an attempt to move into the service/duty arena?


I have understood that they experienced a variety of colors for its resistance to sunlight. Anyway, I will question a good friend who almost certainly have the right answer.


Here are a couple of more of the Carsil blanks and the box.


Nice selection of Blanks and Possible Rubber short-range Trainer round.

Obviously the Blanks ( grooved projectile shape) are patterned on the Bakelitten-Fabrik patents, maybe even under Licence ( although the original BF patents would have run out by 1980s);

The CARSIL Rubber projectile cartridge is like the 1970s Speer Short Range training .38, which used a soft Plastic or even hard Wax projectile for Indoor Short range Target practice.

The CARSIL also looks like it could be used in the same manner as the Canadian “Paint Marker” training ammo. ( against suitably kitted up “Opponents”.

Thanks for displayiong.
Doc AV


The CARSIL with white plastic case and black plastic case are easy to find in Spain because they were the final models. The blue model with plastic case were not made more than three or four copies in a completely experimental.
I enclose a photo of the first issue of CARSIL who manufactured its creator CARlos Tomàs. He gave me three copies. He used Brazilian cases because as is the ammunition that were manning the guns of the Mossos d’Esquadra ( Catalonia Police) in the 80’s and early 90’s.