.38 Spl. Headstamp ID's

I need some information on the following .38 Special cartridges:

Need complete name & addresses for the following:

Bingham, Lmt.

Fremel Maufactureing & Supply, Inc.

G & S (What do the initials stand for?)

Hi-Vel Cartridge Company

Hydra-Shok Corp. (Before Federal bought them out)

Liberty Cartridge Company

Multiple Munitions Incorprated


Quad Ammo

SDM (Shooters Den Manf. ??)

Wahib Arms

Thanks for any help.

For .38 SPL and headstamp info together, you really should contact Otto Witt, as this is exactly his specialty. He is in the IAA Members Directory.

Jon C–Yes, Otto is a great source. He only lives about 30 miles from me. In fact, I just received a bunch of .45 Colt and .45-70 cartridges from him on Thursday. I have been bugging Otto a lot recently and hoped I could get some answers here on the Forum instead. But it looks like I will need to send the list to him.


Here’s what I have:

Hydra-Shok Corporation
Ballistic Research & Development
R.D. 2. Coykendall Road
Watkins Glen, N.Y. 14891
(607) 594-2107 (607) 594-2615
(Info postmarked 1984)

(Mutiple Munitions Industries, Inc. Multiplex ammo)
GDL Enterprises
P.O. Box 1909
Slidell, LA 70459
(504) 649-0693
(Info postmarked 1985)

Leon–Thanks for the address’s. The time frame is right also. All the 38’s I listed were obtained in the 1980’s.