38 Spl speedster ctg

The 380box this cartridge came in was shown in black and white in IAA journal # 380 p42 at bottom of the page,can someone post a color image and if possible the story of this ctgs ???

The 38 SPL SPEED is the last head stamp by the United States Cartridge Company for the 38 Special. It was sold as the 38 Special Speedster and came out in 1932.

Thanks Gary.
Would it be possible to show the six specimens side by side ?


You will note that there are many variations in primers, cannelures, loadings among these headstamps other than the US police and the Speedster of which I only have one typ e case and loading which I think is all there was.
Along the bottom are the most common loadings in order, US 38 S&W Police, US 38 S&W SPECIAL, USC CO COLT SPL, USC CO 38 S&W SPL, and USC CO 38 SPL SPEED.
I do have a couple of duplicates of the speedster.