.38 Star Rifle

Hello John, I was reading a chapter of your book titled “38 Auto Colt (Small Head) Star Rifle” and I checked my files because I remembered that this cartridge was somewhat connected to my country and, indeed, the Star Bonifacio Echeverría S.A. sale records for 1935 does mention a “.38 Win” (sic) caliber RU-35 submachinegun delivered to Argentina. As you mention, it would sound more likely that this cartridge was made for US tests, but the first recorded relations with this firm dates from middle 1940, when they delivered a “.38 caliber” SI-35 to Ordnance & Instrument Co., New York.

Fede - that information would pretty well square with what the sources of information I used in the book had to say (referring to “tests of Star weapons in 1942” although I am still surprised they were that late. I knew nothing of any Argentine connection, and did not have the name of the American firm to which some weapons were sent for testing. Thank you! It now remains to be found out whether or not any of this Winchester ammunition was sent to Argentina.

By the way, if you want to show the box or anything from my book on this thread, you have my permission to do so. I don’t know the procedures for extracting a picture from the book and getting it on to the Forum, and would probably screw it up if I DID KNOW the method.

In the present context does “small head” refer to a truly rimless cartridge case or does it have some other significance? Jack

Here is a photo (or rather a B&W copy) of the box label


Thanks Lew. I should mention here that the photo of the box label is courtesy of
Bill Woodin, of Woodin Laboratory, who supplied it and some of the information on
the cartridge to me for the 9 x 23 mm book, and also Lew, who not only posted it
here but also published the book.