38 van hee xpl long case delrin thin rim

I have this cartridge listed in the ECRA database as the 38 VAN HEE XPL LONG CASE DELRIN THIN RIM, but I have not been able to find any info on it. Any healp will be greatly appreciated.
below shown at 200% scale.


As far as I know, all the information on these plastic-case rounds were “word of mouth” from Paul Van Hee, who used to be a regular at the Chicagoland Cartridge Show.

The information I got from Van Hee was scant, primarily that the were made to his specifications in Spain. The exact maker was never told to me. There are at least nine variations (likely ten) of his Plastic cartridges, consisting of four case types:

9 mm /.45 Long case - Cartridges with the basic case dimension of the .45 Auto cartridge, but longer (case length 0.95" approximate - 24.15 mm), holding a 9 mm FMJ bullet. As you can see, the case is very thick with an extreme bevel at the case mouth, looking like an extreme roll-crimp, even though it is not. Found in Black, red and translucent white cases made entirely of a plastic material, and with small-size nickel-cup primers. The bullets are GMCS FMJ RN in all of the case colors.

9 mm /.45 - Long case variant. Only known to me in a white translucent plastic case with an aluminum head which does NOT encompass the extractor-groove and bevel. The case has four shallow, thin, vertical groves, spaced equidistant, on the case body. It has a large-size, nickel-cup primer. The bullet is GM (non-magnetic) FMJ RN. This cartridge has approximately the same case dimensions as those above, with the same case-thickness and heavy bevel of the case mouth.

9 mm Luger - these plastic case rounds have dimensions appropriate to the standard 9 mm Luger cartridge. The are with cases totally plastic, found in Black, red and white color. Primers are small-size, nickel-cup types and the bullets are GMCS FMJ RN.

9 mm / .45 Short Case variant - known to me only in black and translucent- white plastic cases with a very thick rim. Case length is approximately 0.89" (22.65 mm). Case rim is 0.1285" (3.27 mm) thick. This likely also exists with a red case, but I have not seen one. The primer is large-size, nickel-cup and the projectile is GM (non-magnetic) FMJ RN with a much blunter nose than the other types. The case is approximately the same diameter and thickness as the first two types mentioned and have the very heavy case-mouth bevel. I could not include them in the scan, as the bullet is heavier than the case and tips the cartridge forward onto the bullet, with the case head raised at an angle that will not reproduce well on my scanner.

See picture below for the long-case types and the 9 mm Luger case-types. It is a poor scan for reasons I have discussed before. Sorry about that.

I have no clue as to what weapons (likely only barrel-exchange conversions) that the 9 mm / .45 versions were made for. I guess any .45 Auto-caliber pistol with an easily changed barrel.

I have had these cartridges for at least 25 - 30 years, but can’t put an exact date of them.

John Moss

Thank you very much John!