.380 - 2 1/4" Rigby Express

Here’s a picture of a couple of NAA&Co .380 - 2 1/4" Express cartridges that I picked up from different sources several years apart.

I had assumed the first one was a reload when I got it, but was surprised on finding the second with the exact same bullet. The appearance of the bullet is that it has been battered or compressed to some extent on the nose, resulting in some bulging at the front, and the diameter of the hollow at the nose having been decreased significantly.

A look through the Buttweiler archives revealed that he sold a number of these NAA&Co examples over the years, most of which he considered to be reloads. One that was pictured as lot 119 in his Vol V, No 2 catalog appears to have the same bullet as my two, but the bullet on his is not seated as far into the case as on mine:

While I don’t doubt that these are reloads, I find it interesting that the same bullet has been used on all three. Has anyone else seen one of these?

I have examples too Guy - found in UK - always felt they were reloads because of crude appearance of the bullet.
Also they don’t have the ‘waffle’ type primers usually associated with NA ammo - so may be re-loaded primers.

They are still a desireable item due to the rare headstamp, but the bullets sure are disappointing. The primers on mine are as Buttweilers describes, with the curve of the cup extending just slightly beyond the plane of the head.