380/45 acp headstamps

Who made this 380 and 45 acp cartrdiges?

U%20L%20headstamp%20a U%20L%20headstamp

Wasn’t this US made for China?

EOD and Bob - I think the "common knowledge is as you said, EOD, although I have never seen any documentation for that. If made in the USA, it would have been likely done by Remington, as they had commercial contacts with China, having made the “SMP” (Shangai Metropolitan Police) headstamp ammo in .45 and .380. I had never known until know that the headstamp with the “U” figure existed in .380 Auto. Great find! That was one of the calibers used by the Shanghai Police, in Colt Model 1908 Automatic Pocket Hammerless (CAPH) pistols. Could be that both of these were made for Shanghai, but that is pure conjecture on my part.

John Moss

Very nice .380, Bob!

Yes, Very nice .380 & the .45 with just the tiny “L” is also new to me.
good on ya!