.380 ACP (9x17mm) WOLF (LVE) FMJ, 35 Round Box

Currently being marketed by WOLF, LVE Novosibirsk produced, in 35 round box:

Box label.

End tab.


Side panel.

Lot number on inside of end tab.

Cartridge bundle removed from box.

Paper wrapping opened.



LVE Headstamp with dual caliber listing.




Brian, thanks for sharing these images.

Brian, thank you very much.

Is it a trick of the eye or is the gap between the top of the rim and the beginning of the flat part of the case uneven?

Your eyes are perfectly fine!
The thing is that the groove appears uneven as when it was cut the case was not 100% centered in the machine and was out of round.
For some reason this is often observed with 9x17 by LVE.

Thank you for confirmation! WPA brand ammo seems like it’s seen QC decline in recent years. This isn’t the only factory making ammunition under the Wolf label, right?

.303 has been the exception, that stuff has been great.

WPA (since it split with TCW) is contracting several manufacturers in Russia and Eastern Europe.