.380 Box, gun show find

Here is a box I picked up at a local gun show a couple weeks ago. I am not much of a box guy but I don’t remember ever seeing ones like this before. Are they common? It is a 7 round box of .380s. They are headstamped "C. A. B - 42’’. They have brass cases. none magnetic nickel jacketed bullets. Unstaked brass primers with no sealer. It is a cool little box I think anyway.


I would not call this box rare, but no one is tripping over them on the sidewalks, either. Rare, scarce or common, it is a nice box and a good add to any collection of military ammo boxes and/or auto pistol cartridge collections.

The “C.A.” is the Chief Inspector’s initials representing Cavallo Alfredo (Alfredo Cavallo to an American) who was at Pirotecnico di Bologna from about 1939 to 1942. The “B” on the headstamp and the “P.B.” on the label stand for Pirotecnico di Bologna, the manufacturer.

When I got my first box like this a jillion years ago, I was as much a pistol collector as a cartridge collector, and because of the caliber, I thought the “P.B.” stood for “Pietro Beretta,” as in the maker of the Modelo 1934 9 mm Corto Pistola. I’m better informed now - no smarter, just better informed.

A supplement to John’s answer, from the Italian speaking group of ECRA here is their web page on the Italian .380 or 9mm Cort Italy: munizioni.eu/munizioni/index … Itemid=101

Thanks for the link. Nice site and information. I was surprised how much of this I could still read.

The steel-case 9 mm Corto from GFL blew my mind! I was not even aware of it. Thank goodness, I have the Aluminum-case round from Bologna. There is always something to look for although I would have to judge that steel-case one to be so rare as to be impossible to find at this stage. Great info, though.

Thanks for the great info guys.