.380 British Revolver headstamp list?

Has anyone ever compiled a list of all known .380 British Revolver (.380/200) headstamps?

As far as I am aware, this calibre was made by the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Singapore, Belgium, France and India.

I am referring only to the cartridge with the 200 grain bullet made for British Enfield and Webley revolvers. The .38 S&W with a dimensionally identical case is not included.

I’m not sure all those counties produced the .380/200, most (and others) made the more common MkII military loads. A listing of military .380 revolver rounds would be much more useful.

UK and Canada made the MkI ctg not sure about others.

I’m a little confused to which you are looking for, is it the military .380" or the commercial .380/200? as military .380" were not designated 380/200 but commercial versions often were.


Thanks for the replies.

I am meant any military .380 Loading. I had assumed these were all called .380/200 to differentaite from the .38 S&W.

Ah, good. In that case, I have examples from; UK, France, Australia, US, Italy, Canada, RSA, India, Singapore, Belgium, Argentina, Sweden, Egypt, and Turkey.

I can add:

MQ 42 II 38
RG 66 2z 380
R^L 38 .380 I
R^L 40 .380 II
R^L 41 .380 II

R^L 51 D2 (drill round but I thought I’d throw it in)

I really have to find more!

I’m not familiar with bullet weights and therefore, this may be frivolous question…but; would this .380 list also include the .380 short and .380 long?

I was referring to the type with the 19mm case length.

Hope these might be helpful:

DC 43 380
R^L 52 2Z 380
RG 59 2Z 380


This may help

It’s a great reference site for British Military small arms ammunition.

There may, however, be an anomaly regarding the following:

It mentions for Mk I that: the headstamp included the code “I” or “IZ”…

The Mk II case was, as for the Ball Mark I, except that not all cases had the neck cannelure. The headstamp included the code “II” or “IIZ” until 1944 when they became “2” or “2Z”.*

The following (inert) is DC 43 380 (Dominion Canada 1943) that has no code II or IIZ in the headstamp.

Any comments would be appreciated.


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Sam3, I was interested to see your Canadian DC .380” Mk.II/IIz. I have a DC .380” Mk.I/Iz dated 1942 (shown below) found in the UK. I always thought this was a little strange if intended for use in the UK as this Mark of .380” cartridge was declared obscelescent by the mid to late 1930’s in the UK (LoC - Mk.Iz 1934, and Mk.I 1938). I therefore presume these were supplied to the UK for police use during the war, as this was a common police calibre during WW.II for British police, who weren’t under the same restrictions of The Hague Conventions as combat troops. Note also the low cannelure on the case, which appears to be around the base of the bullet, whereas the British produced Mk.I/Iz had the case cannelure around the mid section of the seated portion of the bullet.

Fascinating…with just one year difference.

Just in case it may be of interest…a friend-collector forwarded the following inert examples:

R^L 35 I 380

R^L D I 380


There was a rather interesting thread on the .38-200 cartridges back in 2008 over on the S&W Forum which I participated in. This link will take you to it:

Charlie Flick

Here’s a rough list of my non-Brit/non-Canadian military examples:
MG 44 II .380
WRA 58 2Z 380
G.F.L. 38 .S.W (IDF issue)
PMP 68 380 Mk.2Z
KF .380 2 59
MQ 42 II .38
A79 9.65 R1M1
P.M.P.67 .380 2Z
U60 380 2Z
SAM 61 .380 2Z
CIS .380 2Z GC
A80 9,65 R1 M1
FN * 3802Z
CCI N 38 S&W R (military bullet profile)
K^F43 380 II
SAM 64 380
P.M.P 68 .380 T
ORBEA 43 .380 II
FN 67 380 2Z
MF 41 II 38
PMP 71 .380 A1
KF 82 2 380
KF 94 2 .380
GT 64 .380 2Z
A 82 9.65 L R1M1
F.M.“F.L.B.” - 38 - 62 -
UAR 27 61 (in Arabic)
6 1 026
T-C. F A A
K 7 .38 S&W

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Jon, great list, thanks for posting.

Is the F.M.“F.L.B.” - 38 - 62 cartridge loaded with a jacketed bullet?

No, it’s a lead bullet, but it is dated so I included it in the list.

Several in your list, from a read of the headstamps are .38 S&W’s which are not .380’s, Unless they were loaded with the 200 grain lead bullet. Then they would be the classified as the MK I .380. But then the .38 S&W was loaded (by Western) with a 200 grain lead bullet and those look just like those shown in Muskey’s post. But Western marketed & sold them (mostly to Police) as a .38 S&W.
The MK II used a jacketed bullet as shown in Sam3’s above post.

That some in the various military(s) also used the .38 S&W is valid. Your CCI example was sold to, Singapore as a .380 MK II so that is the proper headstamp.