.380 Headstamp ID


The attached images contain a headstamp which I do not recognize (nothing unusual about that!). The round appears to be a modern .380 Revolver, perhaps a short-range or a blank. The white plastic visible at the case mouth may be a wad or a round plastic ball.

I thought the TEPEH-3 might be Cyrillic but using the equivalent Cyrillic characters got me no closer, though with the variations in the Cyrillic alphabet, I may have picked the wrong Cyrillic alphabet!

Help would be appreciated.

Chris P.



Chris, it is Cyrillic but you need to observe the transliteration etc.
TEREN (in Latin) is a Ukrainian company (in Kiev) which is making and trading all sort of LTL items.
The full name is:
Research and Production Facility “Ekolog”

The steel cased loads (brass washed and copper washed or copper clad, I do not remember now) they were trading till recently were made in Russia by LVE but this came to an end with the recent conflict between the countries.

Who else is making their cases now I do not know.

The load you are showing should be a traumatic rubber ball for self defense. Such weapons can be easily obtained in Ukraine as the related paperwork is little (comprared to real guns).

Here their website:


Thanks Alex,
Chris P.


It is not easy, only for the “privileged” categories of citizens, all the rest through an unreasonably large bribe.