380 mark II ctg wrong h s

Anyone knows the history of a specimen headstamped FN ( at 12 ) .45 (at 4 ) 65 (at 8),brass case and primer, typical fmj Cu bt.-

Thanks in advance

Anyone ???,the h.s. obviously belongs to a .45 auto ctg.-…

Not really that uncommon to find mis-headstamped rounds/cases.

Would you be able to upload a photo of this headstamp?

Sorry Falcon,unable to upload a photo for now.

I had expected someone pictured a box top of the .45 auto ctgs with this h.s.,but seems no Eurpean member of this forum has nothing to report on this matter


I doubt that pictures of FN .45 Box top labels will be of any relevance to an mis-headstamped cartridge, as the labels will reflect the proper caliber, but here are an
assortment from my own collection, if of interest to anyone.

The box style with “Lot 2 FNB 66” is the most common, I think, in the USA with thousands of rounds of it coming into the USA from a South American country. Despite the loading lot number, the headstamp on the cartridges from the box is “FN .45 65”. The headstamp on the cartridges for the Spanish-language label in the upper top-left corner is “FN .45 *” which I take to be a commercial loading. The rounds in the plastic box have the same headstamp, although in larger print font.

John Moss