380 Mordem

I am still looking for info on the gun using these ctges.
It is an underwater gun and called Mordem.
3 different loadings are existing :
Mle F1(L=28 mm)
Mle F2 (L=35 mm)
Mle F3 (L=40mm)
The hstp is 380 SP
The boxes are in English on one side, in Italian on the other side.

Some SCUBA divers’ spear guns use blank cartridges to propel the spear. These could be for this purpose.

I think so but I still need to know howt exactly looks like this particular gun.

I think Falcon may be on the right track. Mordem seems to be an Italian Scuba Diving equipment company. Here is a link:

therebreathersite.nl/Zuursto … mordem.htm

An email to this company would most likely get you your answers.

This U.S. Patant discusses why the Mordem Underwater Spear Gun was not a commercial sucess. According to this patent the Mordem gun dates from the late 1940’s, which would be about right for the Fiocchi box shown.

google.com/patents?id=v7c8AA … em#PPP4,M1

thank you very much Ron !!!

I had a similar system described to me that someone had seen used on a dive recently where the spear is propelled by a blank 12 Gauge shotgun shell.

JP - if you want an actual photogrpah, although no real information, of the Mordem spear gun, do the following:

Search “Mordem Spear Gun” (NOT Mordem Underwater Rifle).

Click on “Skin Diving History” It is about the second listing from the top.

You should get a page called “Vintage Spearguns.” Scroll down to the picture of the Mordem. They are in alphabetical order. Click on the little picture and you will get a page with a bigger picture, although they have not yet supplied information on the gun.

The web site is www.skindivinghistory.com/sitemap2.html

However, if you just do what I say, it is probably quicker and easier than typing all that out.

John Moss

  1. Thanks John
  2. please try to identify the object I put as topic.
  3. please give me explanations on the movies

Hello Jean-Pierre,
Could you post the case rim and base dimensions?
Thanks in advance.


[quote=“clarkbr”]Hello Jean-Pierre,
Could you post the case rim and base dimensions?
Thanks in advance.

Rim diameter : 11.10 mm
Base diameter : 9.60 mm


Here is the image:

The reason I gave the instructions for finding the original picture, and did not attempt to extract and post it (aside from being a computer illiterate) is that I did not have permission from the Speargun Site to use it. I worry about corpyrights. Perhaps I worry too much?

I think ! lol!
They sue only people with big money in your country !

Defending a copyright is EXTREMELY expensive in any country, Internationally it is PROHIBITIVE . So far no international copyright cases have been pursued as a result of internet postings . In most venues posting a photo is tacit agreement to release copyright. Sites which do not want their photos used can add programs which stop the easy access. It is not possible to stop all access. Most commercial sites WANT their photos used as it is free advertising.

Posting a link is a problem noted earlier here in a thread often they go dead which makes the thread fairly useless in many cases.

If you have a problem posting photos, I will do it for you. I dropped out of law school when I was convinced that it was not an honorable profession for me BUT I still enjoy the tumble now and then.

I think ! lol!
They sue only people with big money in your country !

This is true in general BUT suits are sometimes filed to prove a point. Note the recent suits against students as a result of downloading music from the internet. Some of these students have little money.

In the US one can sue just about anyone for any reason. Note the suit for millions against a local dry cleaner for losing a pair of pants! Our courts are easier to use than it appears.

In over 50 years of collecting ordnance I have only had to sue twice; Janes Publishing for false advertising and Tillinghast for breach of contract. The first settled out of court to my satisfaction and the second was judged in my favor and the judgment paid by their bonding company.