.380 revolver CF and 7.5 x 34 R Walking stick


What is it? It is a blank with a white wad.


I have a similar cartridge. Mine is a shot load that I bought with a collection of flobert cartridges. I do not know if it is similar to the flobert shot cartridges or not.

I have no idea what a the 753 signifies on mine.


I shook mine hard and I could hear BB’s clicking too. Mine has a well defined shoulder.



The first is a shot .380 revolver CF.

The second is a 7.5 x 34 R Walking stick.

Both are french SFM made.



aaron, Your headstamp has 7534, the 4 is not well defined though.



Monsieur Chassepot,
Do you mean “.380 revolver RF” since it is a rim-fire cartridge?



Both cartridges are INSIDE-PRIMED CENTER FIRE CARTRIDGE (the original french patent dated 1855).



are you sure that the 380 is a blank? My sample is loaded with shot, and the elongated case would suggest that


You are correct, I shook mine hard and could hear the BB’s. It is well packed.