.380 S&W Revolver

Is this South African .380 Revolver (centre) a genuine loading? It’s pictured between another .380 Revolver and a 9x19mm for comparison. It has a headstamp of ‘PMP 72 .380S&W’ and, although I don’t know where I got the designation from, it’s in my notes as a 9.65mm Ball R.1.M.1.

That is a correct loading, although I’m not sure when they went over to the shorter bullet profile.

Thanks Jon.

Your notes calling the .38 S&W with military profile bullet the 9.65mm are not wrong. Many rounds are headstamped that way. R1M1 would indicate the first model and mark for the cartridge, and that may have changed later.

RSA is on the metric system.

I suspect that when they load the conventional .38 S&W-shape and weight bullet they use the commercial inch name of the cartridge. I have not seen a round loaded with the military British-style bullet with the “.38 S&W” appellation. But then, while years ago I had a lot of this RSA stuff going thru my hands, as I was making then-legal shipments to and from RSA, I have not seen much in non-auto pistol calibers dated since the late 60s and early 70s. So, the term “I suspect” is the key phrase here. I don’t know that for sure.