.380 short revolver headstamps......help

Would appreciate help to ID two (inert) revolver .380’s.
The Headstamp is a different size on each round and the * motifs are different (6pt. and 8pt.).

I thought that they might be German with the 6pt. * indicating a brass case.
Possible: Gustav Genschow & Company.

Aslo possible: Eley

The 8pt.* might be:
Possible: Kynoch
Possible: Leon Beaux from Italy
Possible: Deutsche Waffen u. Munitionsfabriken.

Accept that all my deductions might be wrong.

Apologies if this topic has already been addressed previously.
Any help, or guidance, would be much appreciated.

Both new ones to me & my 2 pence is not at all English made.
As a guess, it looks German, but again I don’t know.


Certainly NOT Eley or Kynoch with that headstamp.


I have a few 380 and among them is one with a stamp 380 REV with the 2 stars short case and steel
and copper primer I think that those cartridges could have been loaded by SFM at one time or other
strictly from an observation point of view that firm seemed to have had a week ness for this type of
star.however that stamp is somewhat on the unusual side I searched quite a bit but nothing similar
came up

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I did find a reference to .380 REV in a book, but later, discovered that REV was just the nomenclature used in the book for Revolver. Apologies for the; ‘red herring,’ deleted the book detail.


The round I mentioned and have The stamp at 12oclock says REV at 6 oclock it says 380 and left and
right of the case there is a star as shown on your own rounds.

Have looked through; ‘Cartridge Headstamp Guide,’ by White and Munhall, but nothing for REV.

The REV most probably indicates revolver, but who would feel the need to put that indicator on the headstamp?
Does your .380 have a 6 point, or 8 point star?


I only mentioned that cartridge to you because of the same stars as the one shown on your own the
rest of the stamp means nothing these stars are on certain cartridges particularities and I was just
wondering if these rounds were made by SFM the one I have is a steel case with a copper primer
and could be war production in comparison to the ones you show come out of a far more early period
I am sure that SFM produced munitions for Germany during the war I would like to find out myself who
made those rounds?No White and Munhall would not have any such info I have some other literature
with head stamps but could not find anything with 380 and these stars. If someone out there knows
anything about these Stamps it would be nice to find out. Sherryl

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