.38Special plastic training ID

Can anybody ID this .38 Special which seems to be a plastic training round?
It has no hs and the primer is small and nickeled.

Any info is welcome.

Such a popular caliber and really noone knows what it is or who made it?

EOD - You may be chasing a ghost here. Otto Witt’s book shows the cartridge as having been made in England, but that the manufacturer is unknown. I don’t know where Ot got the “English” connection, but he knew more about this caliber than most people. I can tell you that this particular round used to be fairly easy to find in the U.S.A. I always felt it might have been made here.

As I recall, these cartridges have a very small primer cup? Is that right? I have had some dupes in the past, but I don’t recall having one for awhile, although I seldom look at my .38 dupes, since no one I trade with seems overly interested in the caliber. If they do have an inordinately small primer, that might be one avenue in the search for an identity.

Thank you very much!
You are right about the primer, it is 4.5mm in diameter.

It would be still interesting to hear or find more about this cartridge.