.38TJ Cartridge case

I don’t know what type of weapon that 38TJ cartridge can work on,and I’m curious about that very much.

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Can you provide a photo of the cartridge case from the side?

Cartridge case measurements?

Thank you!


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Check this post.

Dr. bdgreen
This is the picture,I hope it can be helpful…
And the JHP warhead doesn’t belong to the cartridge case.

Thanks for your reply,it is very helpful to me

Hornady made some ammunition similarly marked around 2004 for IPSC shooter Todd Jarrett. Loaded with a 124 grain JHP, they are .38 Super rounds.

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I’m sorry but the .38 TJ is NOT a “.38 Super Round.”

In late 2000, Hornady announced production of the .38TJ cartridge case, another RIMLESS version of the .39 Super cartridge, strengthened by increading case-wall thickness to allow more powerful loads, and intended for IPSC shooting. There appears to be no significant difference between this cartridge and the .38 Super Comp. The cases seem to have been, initially at least, manufactured exclusively for Practical Shooting Supplies, of Holly Springs, North Carolina. The initials "T.J."in the name of the cartridgerefer to Todd Jarrett, an IPSC World-Champion shooterwo evidently had some input into the production of this cartridge case… To date, it would appear that Hornady has sold only unprimed, empty cases to Practical Shooting Supplies. As with other of these IPSC cartridges, any bullet style or weight could be found in this cartridge.

It is possible the Hornady supplied some loaded ammunition to Mr. Jarrett, although I was unable to document that.

Reference: “The 9 x 23 mm rimless Pistol Cartridges,” 2004 Edition, Woodin Laboratory, compiled by John Moss, Page 18. Published by Gig Concepts Inc., Atlanta, Georgia.

Hornady made cases both in plain brass and in nickel-plated brass with the “HORNADY 38 TJ” headstamp; Starline, to my knowledge, only offered their production of this case in plain brass, with their headstamp. Both headstamps have already been pictured above.

Hornady cases measure as follows:

Head (Rim): 0.3845" (9.77 mm)
Base: 0.3795" (9.64 mm)
Mouth: 0.3785" (9.67 mm) (Note: measurement from new, unsized case, which is slightly “out of round.”
Overall Case Length: 0.8935" (22.70 mm)

While by actual measurement, one could say this is not a truly rimless case, for comparison, the published diameter of the head (rim) of the .38 Super cartridge is .401 to .402" (10.18 to 10.21 mm). Ref: E&B Vol. I Item 370, page 119. This is significant larger than that of the .38 TJ cartridge.

John Moss

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Thanks John. I went back to my records and noted I obtained this loaded round at the SLICS in 2004. Most likely it was purchased at the Otto Witt table.

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IHMSA - it is likely a handload. But, while I chose to save only empty cases in this caliber, there is nothing wrong with that. It provides a sample of how the cartridges were actually used.

You set off some memories mentioning Ot’s name. He was a dear friend and mentor to me, and many others. No finer man ever graced our hobby. I miss him a lot.

John Moss

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Yes, he was a great guy. I miss him too.

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