3B (ZV) Location?


I’ve seen this request on 2 other websites. Mid 30s to early 40s Soviet ammo factory. Anyone know the factory name and location?


According to MUNICION.ORG, it is Zavod Volodarskogo, 3 = Planta de Ulyanovsk (birthplace of Vladimir Lenin, nee Ulyanov). Zavod=manufacturing site,plant; Volodarskogo=possesive form of Volodarskiy, meaning belonging to or in honour of Volodarskiy. If anyone knows who Volodarskiy is (was), please let me know.


It so. It is a lot of factories, ships and streets has been named in honour of Volodarsky
Volodarsky is a pseudonym

Professional revolutionar V.Volodarsky (Goldstein Moisej Markovich) was born in 1891
In 1911 he is arrested and after prison he has emigrated to Northern America
Having returned to Petrograd in 1917, he has entered Lenin’s party
After October revolution - the commissioner \member of the government
on affairs of a seal and propaganda
He is killed on June, 20, 1918


According to Russian Wikipedia, Volodarsky was a Russian Jew (born Moses Goldstein) who was a good orator and managed to crawl into the Bolshevik mess in 1917 and attain a reasonably elevated position. After his assasination he was made into the first true martyr of the Communist takeover. His name was used widely in the USSR in naming different enterpises, locations and towns (kinda like “Main Street” in the USA). Here is picture to go with the story. Great thanks to AV66 of Sankt Peterburg, Russia.