3D Cartidge Board etc

At the SECCA Show (Sioux Empire Cartridge Collector Association) in Brookings, SD this past August, I took pictures of a unique and award winning display put together by Vic Suelter from Kansas. Vic is a long time member of the IAA and leader of the Kansas Cartridge Collectors Association. I have known Vic for 15 years, Vic is a great guy.
Attached are photos of his 3D display fro SEC3-D%20Cartridge%20board%20j 3-D%20Cartridge%20board%20k 3-D%20Cartridge%20board%20l 3-D%20Cartridge%20board%20m 3-D%20Cartridge%20board%20n 3-D%20Cartridge%20board%20o 3-D%20Cartridge%20board CA show in early August 2018.
3-D%20Cartridge%20board%20b 3-D%20Cartridge%20board%20a 3-D%20Cartridge%20board%20d 3-D%20Cartridge%20board%20e