3D printing of ammo

There was a legal ruling about 3D gun printing in US http://abc57.com/news/judge-rules-its-legal-to-download-3d-printed-guns. Are 3D printers capable of reproducing ammo? Maybe not functional ammo but an exact plastic dummy.

Several sellers on the internet. From smallarms ammo to replica artillery projectiles.
Take a look at seller 3d-arsenal on eBay for smallarms ammo examples being sold as snap-caps.

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I have a set of 3D printed depth charge fuze plates :-) I do see 3D printed reproduction rounds on EBAY once in a while, usually 20mm to 37mm.


Got this one perhaps 4-5 years ago at the Shot Show, A vendor was making them just for fun & to use as magazine dummies. He had 3 on his table & when I asked if he wanted to sell one he said no but I could have the three he had out !

(gave the other two away at the show)

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Pete, this one looks lathe turned.

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Hi Alex
I know it’s rough & it was turned, apparently these were early production for him.
Still that said that was what he told me, so all I have to go on. I’ve seen an adjustable crescent wrench that was 3-D printed & the quality was very high, ran very smooth & three parts you couldn’t put together without breaking something. A Very neat item.

So I don’t know enough of the process stages to comment, only the story i got with them. The other side is if not 3-D printed, why would he lie to me & then give them to me?

Worth noting that many cheap 3D printers will have very visible layering/stepped surface due to the way the filament is “printed” layer for layer.


Pete, maybe not on purpose. He just may have mixed up items or memories.

Ole, those I saw so far were way less consistent in the edges of each layer.
Though technology is constantly improving and I do not know where things are at right now.

Ok thanks Alex,

Center two 3D printed. Out side rounds for scale. I can’t clarify much else yet


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The blue projectile is a 3D printed mock-up of a 50mm system General Dynamics is developing. The Army is calling it the “Lightweight 50”. The projectile I have would be the TP round mock up. The Next Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV) program is looking at including a new LW50 gun system that would fire the LW50 ammunition.

I’m not doing well finding notes of the white color 50 cal looking mock up round…in fact I don’t recall my source. Any guesses to jar my memory of what it is…maybe I can back track a bit ?

The closest thing I could find is a .50 Razorback, but I could not find a picture of it.


3D printed .50 and 5,56x45