4.2 inch mortar and 20mm items needed for museum loan

A Colorado museum will be opening an exhibit on WW2 industry in Colorado. As part of the exhibit they would like to display an INERT example of a 4.2 inch mortar round, and also 20mm projectiles made by Heckethorn (Hecko) and also any of the fuzes they made.

Can anyone confirm exactly what types of projectiles and fuzes Heckethorn (Hecko) made during WW2?

If actual items made by that company are not available, acceptable substitute would be similar item made elsewhere.

Sectioned examples or draw sets would be especially desirable.

This would be a loan for a temporary exhibit for about 1 year (July 2014-July 2015- but dates sometimes slip a bit), fully insured and to be returned to owner upon completion.

Can anyone help with loan of one or more items for this? We really need to encourage and support EVERY museum which includes ammunition exhibit of any type for any length of time.

Please email or PM me if you can help or have any suggestions.