4.3 x 45 h&k

With a thank you to Will Reuter, here are pictures of the box and bullet from the 4.3 x 45 H&K. The bullet, with 2 cannelures weighs 1.80g (27.7gr.). What does the red overprint mean?

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“Oberdruck” means “overpressure.” The word “druck” has other meanings in German, but in context, in this case, it refers to high pressure.

Are all 4.3 x 45 loads “High Pressure” or is this a box of Proof loads?

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I have the 4.3 x45 with both GMCS and CNCS . Are these different loads or just different jackets? I note that there is a difference in weight between the two cartridges. Do you know the weight of the CNCS bullet?

Also, do you know the bullet weight of the GM bullet for the 4.7 (4.9) x 45 H&K rounds (headstamp: DAG 4.7 MM) ?

Cannot help with the weight of the bullet.

Can show you the head stamp one of the first made, using .223 cases.
To see the diff. also a .223 cartridge shown