4.6x26R Interdynamic

What does the forum know about this cartridge?

I know little about it. I have two pictures of it, depicting it as a rimfire cartridge, based on the .22 Magnum, with highly aggressive case taper, and an approx. 22mm long finely-shaped bullet, with 16.5mm long ogive. Some sources describe it as sending a 1.58g turned-brass bullet at 1,000 m/s, but but both the quoted bullet weight (too low, by my estimates, to be made of solid brass without some kind of hollow cavity) and muzzle velocity (much too high, given the supposed parent case) sound very wrong.

I have some info on MKR, obtained directly from George Kellgren, designer and developer of the concept

I’m not sure if I can post it all online, but can email it to interested persons, so PM me if you wish

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Several points about this round family;
First, the pressures they were using were much higher than those allowed by the Governing body of commercial ammo in the USA.
Second, The page above is only half the story because they actually built and tested/demonstrated this rifle and ammo to many NATO Officials. I shot this weapon way back when. It was amazing and reminded me of the “American 180” which is a .22 LR sub-machine gun! It, the A-180, was the most fun to shoot that I have ever had with only one barrel in the gun. (Needless to say, I am a SCHV guy when it comes to military weapons.)
The ballistics I shot and verified was a 1.6 gram projectile at about 998 M/S. They claimed they could use the round in the post below, IF more range was required. How ever, being the very smart guy he was, (the inventor) and knowing that something well over 90% of all infantry engagements happen under 300 M, and that at that range and beyond, the typical soldier can’t hit anything, why bother.
Because of the short body and thus limited bore contact length, it was not as accurate as snipers and American Army Generals like when they buy a weapon system. About 3.5 to 4.5 MOA! I believe that this could easily be rectified at the expense of some lethality and impact energy at longer ranges. (effective well beyond 500 M with the two gram bullet) However, most of the rest of the world thinks that level of accuracy is better than good in an assault rifle!
I recommended that my boss should by it! Still wish I could buy one, or more of the prototypes for personal use!

Calculating backwards from the figures given in the extract above, 910 m/s and 800 J equals a bullet weight of 1.9 g.