4.73 caseless

Please help me identify this round. It mikes at 4.73. The propellant is flat.Thanks. This item was identified as a 4.73 H & K early G11. Sorry about the photo.

Jim, could you repost the image please?

Image not viable.

If the projectile is 4,73, then the Calibre is the H&K 4,6mm Caseless, a rather common member of the Caseless series made by/for H&K for their prototype Rifle.

Doc AV

There were several variations. So a number of questions come up.
Do you mean by “flat” that the propellant cross section is rectangular, not quadratic? What is the color of the propellant, dark green or sort of brown? Is the propellant body cylindrical in its forward part and quadratic in the rear? Does the bullet protrude from the body?
If posting of a photo is not possible, exact dimensions of the propellant body and overall length would be helpful.

This is probably the most likely candidate…is this the cartridge that you are referring to?