4.85 UK Purple Tip?


I think there was a question about this round a bit ago, but without a pic. I am currently excited by my new-found ability to post pics so I will repeat the request for info on this round.
4.85x49 UK, GMCS, purple tip, green base. What is the loading?


Jon - don’t get mad at me; this is intended as a friendly criticism. You need to work out the focusing problem you are having with your digital camera. Take a look at what some of the guys do with these cameras on this forum - headstamp photos as sharp as a tack. This is not a product of the cost of the camera, nor even especially, at the size of these photos, a “megapixel” problem I don’t know if your camera has auto-focus or not, but focus at Macro levels is extremely critical, due to a very shallow depth of field. It is simply not forgiving. You need your camera on a very steady tripod, and I would even use a cable release if your camera will take one (I have a lot of experience with 2-1/4 x 2-1/4 and 35mm film cameras, but none with digitals). You also need to be careful of your lighting. I have found the best luck with natural lighting, lacking a professional quality copy-stand with lighting set up. I don’t take the pictures, but I set up the shots when a friend of mine is down to my house with his Canon digital SLR, and we light them from the side (left side in my case) from nothing more than my dining room window. We do NOT white-out headstamps, which is totally unnecessary if you light your subject properly. The pictures done this way have turned out well - good enough for publication in the Journal in my articles.

Now I find, frankly, something I didn’t know before, that my flat-plate scanner does just about as good a job on headstamps as even a camera of the quality of my friend’s Canon.

I know darned well that with a little care, you are capable of sending in some really sharp, great photos.

Thanks for posting these regardless. They have been a group of fantastic headstamps, etc., of great interest.


I am working on it. Teak keeps sending me messages; on one hand congratulating me for entering the 21st Century, and then slapping me for doing goofy things with the pics!
Small steps…small steps. I’m truly a Picasso waiting to bloom!

I know the green base shot was crappy, but the h/s isn’t really important to the info, just the base color, so I put it up anyway.


As long as it is “Beat-Up on Jon” day, I might mention that, at least on my computer, that the images are so dark I can barely see them. I have to save your images to my computer then lighten them up with Photoshop to see what they really are. Unless I am the only one having this problem with your images, I suggest you download a FREE photo manipliation program and fix these before posting.


Hi Jon - think you mean violet tip - usually found on British experimental ball. Green base? Don’t know if anyone has ever cracked complete codes used by Enfield SAA Lab on 4.85mm - come in TonyE…


Unless you can find the note books from the Lab at Enfield I doubt if we will ever know. As far as I can find out the small batches of each experimental type was marked in some way, paint splashes on head or whatever, sufficient to distinguish them from any other batch.

Sorry I cannot be more helpful.



Jon, despite your expertise as a historian, I must correct you . . . .

You are into the 20th Century, but not the 21st, on your photo skills . . . we gotta work on this . . . .

I’m going through and editing your photos for light and size. Part of the focus issue is you have the photos too damn big such that they are losing definition. If there was no editing software included with your camera, check out the freeware available on line, as John suggests. Or have one of your kids explain it to you . . .