4.85x49mm Experimental

Just picked up a box of what is billed as an experimental caliber submitted by UK in the late 70s. I searched here but all I found was viewtopic.php?f=1&t=690&p=2983&hilit=4.85x49mm#p2983 on the subject. Are these legit? Any significant value? I have not opened the box yet but if they’re worth little I will add one to the display and sell/trade off the rest.

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Hi Apocalypse,

Yes, absolutely legit. It’s a good box. The individual ball and tracer rounds are quite common. I’ve been told that following cold weather trials in Canada that a great deal of ammunition was left behind (30,000 rounds). The boxes are probably more common here than in other countries.

You can probably also find the tracer box…

There are literally dozens of projectile and load variations to be found, although they are much harder to find that the ball and tracer rounds.


From left to right: AP, proof, Drill, blank, blank, ball based on 4.85x45 case, short range and grenade blank.

Some basic information: militarycartridges.nl/uk/4_85mm.htm